• London - EWR - San Jose •

First night / day we explored the capital.

I fell in love with their street artwork. 

The backstreets were quieter. 

We got rather lost. 

The next day we traveled deep into the jungle.

We had our 5am get up 'call' (or howl) every morning. 

We laughed.

We laughed.

We were greeted by the residents. 

Looked pretty, tasted ... otherwise. 

We cooked traditional foods.

We cooked traditional foods.

We drove to the nearest town and spent the day planting trees. 

Nik was happy. 

So was Ronnie.

So was Abi.

We Ziplined through the tree's on our day off.

And rode horses. 

And went rubber dingy rafting. 

Then we left the jungle for the nursery. 

We worked with them for a week...

We made friends.

We made friends.

I got attacked. [Photo by Alex LaBossiere]

We said our goodbyes.

We learned about coffee and it's production. 

We learned to dance.

We learned to drive.

We came home. 

I made a little brother. [Photo by Alex LaBossiere]

I made a family for life, with a strength that will never be broken.

& I made memories I will never forget

This trip was organised by Projects Abroad as a volunteering holiday to work in Costa Rica for two weeks in both the jungle for one week helping with a conservation project of the rainforest & helping in a nursery offering care and support for the children. If you're interested or considering undertaking a volunteering trip, I'd without a doubt recommend Projects Abroad which can be found by pressing the button below. I can say with the upright most honesty, this was the most fun, most rewarding and happiest holiday of my life... so far. 

All photographs recorded by Liam Touhey 2015.