Gun Metal Max - Feature film (Directed by Jonathan Brooks)
1st Assistant Camera

'Breakthrough' - a documentary for the creatively curious.
Directed by the amazing Harry Hitchens
Camera / Runner

Brighton Concorde 2
Lighting Operator

Worthing Pavilion's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Lighting Operator  

Brighton Concorde 2 - Deaf Havana and Support Acts
Lighting Operator

The Oddity - Phillippe Album Cover (iTunes) 

Tony and Karen's Wedding

Our Lady of Sion School Prom Photos

Twice Young - Uneven Kind Music Video
Assistant Director and Camera Operator  

Jameson Whiskey Advertisement and 360º Video
Assistant Director / Camera / Lighting / Set Design

Brighton Art Gallery and Museum - Official Gallery Accompanying Videography/Cinematography
Assistant Director / Camera

Tenderhooks - Blue Sky Train Official Music Video
Director of Photography / Assistant Director  

Blue - Short Film
Director and Editor

James & Sarah Summers - Wedding Photography

 All About You - Dan Bravo Feat Cheney Official Music Video
Assistant Director / Assistant Camera

Make Architects promotional and office images
Model and Camera Assistant

Northbrook College Student Work [Hair & Makeup] 

Desperate - 60 second Film
Director and Camera

In Retrospect Short Film
Camera Operator and 1st Assistant Director

Sophie Hodgson Actress Head-shots
Photogrpaher Portait Shots

Abi & Gary's Wedding

Jacuzzi - Euphoria Hot tub and Spa's Promotional Videography
Director of Social Media Videos

Palm Court Cafe

Canon - High School Dance Battle 2 - Gym Class Disaster [ScottDW
Behind the Scenes

Coca Cola - Fanta US Commercial
Assistant Editor

xCurrent Commercial Portait Images

Phats & Small Turn Around Official Music Video
Assistant Director / Runner

A Trip to Unicorn Island - Lilly Singh Documentary Premier in Grauman's Chinese Theatre.[YouTube RED]. 
Working as UK Location Manager

Ciara and Kevin Wedding – Harry's Christening
Official Photogrpaher

Tulley's Farm Christmas Social Media Promotional Video •
Official Filmogrpaher

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Discover London 2015 •
Official Filmographer
Working along side Cassidy Hilton and  Talain Rayne

Charlie Dom Anjos • Studio Photography

Costa Rica Volunteering Work • 
Two weeks in Costa Rica Volunteering, - 
Week 1 - Conservation / Environmental Work in the Jungle
Week 2 - Care Work in a Nursery in Remote Town

Palm Court Launch Party Photography   /   Promotional Pictures  

Color Run 2015 • Brighton - Pictures

"Fumes" by The Eden Project, Official Music Video (DP - Producer - Director)

Insolvency and Recovery Ltd Corporate Day Photography

Jenny and Arnaud  Wedding Photography

Izzy Berry & Lauryn McDavitt Pre-Prom / After Party photography.

Lilly Singh's World Tour Documentary - Acting as London Contact / 1st AD

'Sophism' - First Independent Short film

Brighton Color Run - Independent Short Film

"In Passing" - First Short Film (DP'd) 

Brighton and Hove Albion - Friendly match, promotional Porsche photography
(Working under FA regulations with Head Photogrpaher - Paul Hazelwood. 

Rachel and Lewis' Wedding Video and Pictures

Charlottes Naming Ceremony Photography

Jojo's 13th Birthday Party & Photography Shoot  

Claudia Elton and Ella Stuart Photography Shoot

Remembrance Day - Worthing Herald Photography

Bev & David's Wedding Reception Photography

Ellie MKK and Eleanor De La Fuente Photography Shoot

Sofia's Christening Photography

Boxing Day Dip - Worthing Herald Photography