the process or art of making video films.

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Blue is a short documentary film, created as a college project response to the "colour wheel task". During my digital arts course, our lecturer span a colour wheel. The colour which it landed on was our designated colour where had to respond in what ever manner we chose to in a week. I decided to dive into the meaning of the word blue in artsitc meanings and then created a response to the project throguh the concept of 'blue' meaning sad.

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Desperate is a 60 second short film. A response to a challenege of creating a short film in three days which lasts 60 seconds. Starring Sophie Hodgson


Coca-Cola Fanta Commercial - ScottDW

A coca-cola commerical filmed in Utah, USA, directed by Scott Winn - I assisted the post-productional stages of the film's development. Video has reached in excess of 1.2million views and still growing. Staring Chachi Gonzales & Jade Chynoweth


In Retrospect - Charleston Shoe Productions

In Retreospect is an experimental sutdent film directed by Charlie Anjos - one of his first ever films. His aim was to come up with an idea for a short film, film it and produce it in a few days with zero budget and using only equiptment he already had. He wanted the look of the film to be that of a noir genre whilst also using the film technique of only having one cut in the film between scenes which seemly flows going unnoticed.


Animals by KYKO - Music Video

During my college education, we were set the task of creating a music video in a week (from first listening to the song, coming up with ideas, creating a story right through to sourcing actors, filming it and editing it). I feel in love with this song and went straight to the artist asking for persmission. Once granted from the artist, my team began the production.


High School Dance Battle, Geeks vs Jocks - ScottDW

Directed by Scott Winn, High School Dance Battle is a online viral series whereby conflict is solved by a dance off, reaching in exess of 10.6million views and growing. I flew in from the UK to be apart of the production team (based in Utah, USA), working alongside Scott, the producer, Andrew Mechamfor, the choreographer, Jason Celaya, and the sponsor - Canon US. I also filmed the BTS video which itself has reached nearly a million views on YouTube and did the unit stills.


2015 Showreel

This is a showreel composed from most of the content  I produced during the year of 2015. Edited and shot by myself. 


The Eden Project - Fumes OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

After finding the musical artist "The Eden Project" and completely falling in love with his recently released music, I decided it would be worth a shot in emailing the artist and asking him for the permission to use his music in a video of mine. To my surprise actually allowed me the permission of using it in a video and said video would act as the official video for the song. I took that opportunity quicker than anything! I had a feeling this guy would go very far... and he did. He changed his name to just "Eden" and is now being played on radio stations every day around the world and touring, as well as playing at some of the biggest festivals such as Reading Festival.  

This project was my first ever music video so the pressure was up. I was working along side my friend Molly Comerford who was producing the video and Nathan Ryan who was co-directing along side Molly and I, whilst I was also in sorting out actors, locations, camera, etc! 

For a first music video, I think we're all very pleased with the turn out and the fact it was 9.5k+ views is also re-assuring. I can't wait until the next music video projects!